CogniSoft continues support for G-Cloud

CogniSoft has been re-listed as a supplier on the G-Cloud framework, following the award this month.

Posted: 23rd May 2017

The Learning Curve chooses YETI

The Learning Curve, a charity which aims to change the lives of socially and economically disadvantaged people through delivering learning, has chosen YETI as the Management Information System to support their ELA and SFA contracts.

Posted: 19th April 2017

BBO projects underway with CogniSoft YETI

The Building Better Opportunities programme is now well underway and CogniSoft YETI has been selected as the Management Information System of choice for a number of leading organisations delivering the scheme.

Posted: 13th April 2017

YETI BBO User Group

Employability providers using CogniSoft’s YETI CRM system to deliver Building Better Opportunities programmes are gathering to attend a specialist User Group meeting in February.

Posted: 19th January 2017

CogniSoft support for IEP

CogniSoft were delighted to join the IEP as a Corporate Affiliate and sponsor the Institute’s AGM in October, underlining the company’s support for front line personnel and the body that represents and supports them.

Posted: 8th November 2016

The YETI Northern SFA User Group

Join us on 4 October 2016 for a in-depth look at the latest developments in CogniSoft YETI, the industry's most user-friendly and flexible case management tool for SFA programme delivery.

Posted: 15th September 2016

IO User Group Meeting

CogniSoft has announced the date of the latest IO User Group meeting, bringing together users from across the UK to share experiences and knowledge and discuss recent product developments.

Posted: 24th August 2016

New offices for CogniSoft

Following a period of growth and expansion, CogniSoft has taken the decision to relocate its head office from the Carrington, Manchester base it has had for 30 years to new premises in Sale, Manchester.

Posted: 6th July 2016

How can CogniSoft YETI assist LEPS in delivering their skills agenda?

We have over 30 years experience working with government and privately funded training, skills and employment services providers. CogniSoft YETI can assist LEPS in delivering their skills agenda by helping the Learning Providers within the LEP to...

Posted: 2nd March 2016

LDM and Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE)

We have been made aware that SFA have written to specific customers who claim for AGE (Apprenticeship Grant for Employers) via the SILR export. The issue being – the SFA have discovered some data errors relating to the Learner Delivery Monitoring field(s) (LDM). The LDM codes involved are.......

Posted: 17th February 2016

CTS Training I would happily recommend CogniSoft David Platts, MI Data Analyst at CTS Training.

Just one of the many clients we've helped Just one of the many clients we've helped Just one of the many clients we've helped Just one of the many clients we've helped Just one of the many clients we've helped