Tutor Module

We’re happy to announce the upcoming release of our new Tutor Module, which will allow tutors to create and manage unique learner journeys through a seamless dashboard-driven interface.

Tutor Module can create and manage initial assessments, skill scans, off the job hours, visits and more from our powerful new suite of tools for tutors:


  • Designed to help Tutors manage their Learners’ journey, end to end.
  • Each tutor has a unique dashboard panel to monitor progress of each individual Learner
  • Caseload is controlled by the administration team when creating Learners in YETI


  • Summary of Learner and Qualification Detail 
  • Replicate you own ILP (questions) within the module
  • Manage from this page:
    • Initial Assessments
    • Skills Scan
    • Reviews
    • Visits
    • OTJ Hours
    • Criteria
  • Option to download as PDF
  • Option to print

Initial Assessments

  • Record Initial Assessment and Diagnostic results for English, Maths and ICT
  • Ability to include detailed notes
  • Option to upload document of results
  • Identify incomplete assessments via a report

Skills Scan

  • Ability to upload your own Skills Scan document
  • Create a Skills Scan within the module
  • Option to download as PDF
  • Option to print

Review Management

  • Create appointments for single or multiple review visits
  • Replicate your own review (questions) within the review module
  • Identify due, complete and overdue reviews


  • Create appointments for single or multiple visits
  • Identify incomplete and overdue visits via a report
  • Identify due, complete and overdue visits

OTJ Hours

  • Calculate OTJ hours for each Apprentice
  • Log OTJ hours activity
  • Monitor if 20% OTJ hours has been achieved

Criteria Management

  • Select/modify qualification criteria (based on Skills Scan results)
  • Upload evidence against the Learners portfolio
  • Create tasks for the Learner which links to the qualification criteria


  • Ability to create other events for tracking the Learner journey, such as a Contact Diary
  • Track Learners who have entered, and completed, the EPA Gateway
  • Reporting Suite, including:
    • Printable versions of the Skills Scan and ILP
    • Due and Overdue Reviews
    • Due and Overdue Visits
    • Initial Assessment Results
    • OTJ Hour progress

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