‘What is an MIS?’ Management Information Systems Explained

‘What is an MIS?’. Fortunately, the function and purpose of an MIS is easily explained – put simply, Management Information Systems are used to store, track, validate and report on data that might be useful to an organisation. They are frequently industry-specific, and are primarily used to streamline back-office administration.

What is an MIS used for?

In practice, MIS systems are used to store and control pertinent data to the day-to-day operation of a business. This can include financial data, statutory data, and many other forms of information tracked by an organisation.

Using an MIS should be a critical component in any complex programme delivery such as Apprenticeships or Employability.

Reasons to use an MIS include:

  • Establishing workflows and processes
  • Tracking data against users, contracts, organisations and contacts.
  • Using ‘business logic‘ to manage funding validation, compliance, input errors and more.
  • Generating granular, custom reports that can be used to review anything from KPIs to attendance.

An MIS saves administrators time and increases data accuracy along each and every stage of a programme’s delivery, easing the burden on administrators and helping with time-sensitive submissions.

MIS and Submitting Your Learner Data

In the FE Sector, MIS systems can be an invaluable tool when preparing data for the submitting your learner data via the Government’s online service.

Quality of life features such as real-time validation checking mean that data can be checked for compliance at the point of input. This means users don’t have to wait until after a lengthy FIS submission to check for data compliance.

Furthermore, an MIS will save historical data, track learner journeys and produce reports based on the user’s submissions, bolstering their delivery with critical management information.

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