Why Apprenticeships are so Important at the Moment

Next year in Plymouth alone 10,000 additional construction jobs will be needed. This would be used to develop the surrounding city and build a new town which will have 5,500 homes built in it. Construction apprenticeships will provide an alternative method to train and educate people on construction skills. This will provide the needed jobs in the next few years for construction.

The Government have made a change to the apprenticeship funding to make it a more viable option for business no matter how big or small. The employer contribution has dropped from 10% to 5%. This will save money in businesses if they decide to train apprentices.

The new Standards are occupation focused and not qualification led. This helps to emphasise core behaviours that need to be displayed by a workforce. If the employer decides the learner is ready, the learner can take an end point assessment. This tests all the attributes needed for the construction industry learnt in the apprenticeships.

Overall, apprenticeships offer people to get training while doing the job. This will provide extra man power while also teaching them essential skills that are also used in the construction workplace.

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