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Driving Sustainability Through Apprenticeships

In recent years, the need for sustainable practices and environmental stewardship has become increasingly apparent. As individuals and organisations strive to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices, new opportunities surrounding sustainable apprenticeships is growing, and rightly so.

The revision of the 2014 professional standards now includes key requirements for sustainability indicating how important this aspect of development for learners is.

Expanding Sectors and New Approvals

One notable development is the expansion of apprenticeships to encompass a wider range of sectors than ever before. For instance, newly approved apprenticeships now focus on training individuals to maintain domestic heat pumps, solar panels, and EV charging points. Another exciting addition is the apprenticeships centred around creating, maintaining, and harvesting forests and woodlands, aligning with the goal of increasing tree canopy and woodland cover across England by 2050.

The Role of IfATE

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) plays a crucial role in working with employers to achieve sustainable growth and meet net-zero targets. By collaborating closely with employers, IfATE ensures that apprenticeships address the latest environmental and climate change skills needed to continue to make a significant contribution to the pursuit of an environmentally friendly future.

Increasing Interest and Recognition:

The demand for sustainable apprenticeships is on the rise, as indicated by the nearly 20% increase in Google searches for ‘sustainability apprenticeship’ in the UK over the past year. This upward trend is likely to continue with the help of recently established green apprenticeships celebrated in honour of the Coronation.

These six green apprenticeships have been selected for their sustainability credentials and will be honoured with the Coronation emblem. These apprenticeships include roles such as:

  • Countryside Worker (level 2)
  • Forest Craftsperson (level 3)
  • Low Carbon Heating Technician (level 3)
  • Installation Electrician and Maintenance Electrician (level 3)
  • Sustainability Business Specialist (level 7)
  • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner (level 4)

This recognition signifies their contribution to creating a low carbon economy and equipping the workforce with the necessary skills to support the transition to net zero, in celebration of His Majesty the King’s Coronation.


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