Emma Cook takes the reigns at CogniSoft

CogniSoft are pleased to announce that from October, Emma Cook, a familiar face to most of you, has been appointed as Managing Director.

Scott Robson, CEO of CogniSoft’s Parent company, Voxtur Group, commented: “Voxtur welcomes the appointment of Emma as Managing Director of CogniSoft, as the business enters its next phase of growth. Emma continues to provide CogniSoft’s customers with an excellent level of customer service and has unparalleled market knowledge. This combined with Emma’s excellent leadership skills and years of experience at CogniSoft, makes her the best candidate to lead CogniSoft into, what is sure to be an exciting future.”

Emma has played a central role in making CogniSoft the business it is today but it nearly didn’t happen at all. Emma’s father Robin Lord set up the business in 1984, before computers were widely used in business and his innovation created one of the first systems to return customer data to the government, through the Manpower Services Commission. 

Robin asked Emma to help out over the summer holidays before she was planning to go to University to study Radiology and she has remained here ever since!

Working her way up from helping out as the office administrator, then taking roles in support & implementation, she became a Director of the company in 2000. Emma has implemented literally hundreds of systems used by a wide variety of Learning & Skills, Employability and Youth Services providers. She has continued to play a central role in supporting these sectors ever since, most recently being accepted as a Fellow of the Institute of Employability Professionals.

“Throughout my career I have had the privilege of working with many different organisations and highly committed professionals, many of whom I class as my friends. These relationships have shaped the products and services that we have offered over the years and I am so grateful to our customers for their continued patronage. Our aim is to create systems that are easy to use, simple to understand, stable, secure and that support the end user to do what they do best.”

One of the first decisions Emma has made as Managing Director, is the creation of the new role of Head of Information Technology.

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