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Firstly, congratulations to all the organisations awarded a contract on the DWP Programme for Employment and Health-Related Services (CAEHRS). Tier 1 contract winners have now been confirmed and Tier 2 bidders are expected to be announced sometime in Autumn 2021.

So, what’s next for the organisations taking part?

Operational Planning

Now is the time to begin planning how the programme will run, how to analyse results and have a clear view of the programme progression. Here at Cognisoft, we have supported the employability sector for over 35 years with our  ‘Best-in-Class’ Case Management System.

Throughout our support, we have tried and tested the system across a range of initiatives from large-scale DWP employability programmes and housing association employability programmes, right through to local and regional delivery funded through ESF, and a variety of Local Authority managed programmes.

A Case Management System should be a fundamental part of your operation as it allows your team to remotely log each stage of the jobseeker journey, record interventions and track the progress to work and into employment or skills.

Our web-based case management system offers the following from a single platform: –

  • Prime & Sub Contractor Management
  • Manage supply chain funding
  • Assessment Tools
  • Action planning and goal setting
  • Monitor distance travelled
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Digital Communications
  • Employer Engagement Tracking (CRM)
  • Vacancy matching/management
  • PRaP import
  • Autogenerate DWP forms
  • Self-service Jobseeker Portal
  • API Integration

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of the YETI system and how it can support the delivery of the DWP programme, please get in touch.

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