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How to choose the right case management software

Top tips for picking the right Case Management system:

Thinking about investing in an employability management information system and don’t know where to start? At CogniSoft, we specialise in Case Management systems for Providers of Advice, Guidance and Learning in the Employability, Careers and Skills sectors and as such have worked with hundreds of providers all over the UK. We help them streamline their administrative workflows and become more efficient. So, we’ve come to know what our customers are looking for. Now we want to give you some tips for choosing the right case management software.

Make a wish list

To choose the right software for your business, you need to first analyse what your company does. Look at the problems you’re currently having and how you’re hoping the system will alleviate those problems and ensure you know the answer to; “What do we want the system to achieve?”

Start with the end in mind

Know what your outputs need to be. Who are you going to need to report to and what data will be needed. Is there a claim to a funding provider and what does that look like?

By understanding the outputs, you can ensure that your customer journey records all of the correct data. 

Know your customer journey

Have your processes mapped out so you can communicate them effectively to your software provider. If you understand what needs to be recorded about your participants and when, then mapping it to the software is much easier. Ensure you have taken into account any job roles that might need to use the software and if they have been fed in or been consulted on for completeness. This will make the implementation process and continual use, a whole lot easier!

Analyse features that are a deal-breaker

It’s important to assess which features you really need. Break down your features into a MoSCoW prioritisation, this means you categorise the features into a ‘Must have, Should have and Could have’ list. Anything that is absolutely fundamental to the use is marked as Must have. Those that would be useful, but aren’t strictly necessary are Should have. Then the added benefit features which would be great but not really important are the Could have. Then, when you are reviewing software choices, you can compare features offered.

Don’t just focus on features, usability is key

Whilst having certain functionality is important, ease of use is just as important, if not more! Do not assume that all advisors will be tech geniuses. Advisors are hired based on their people skills and empathy. Therefore, it is important to ensure they feel confident and comfortable when using the software. Ensuring that it will work for them on a practical level is essential.

The best way to ensure you choose a system that is easy to use is to see it! Get a demo from your prospective provider and question them on how the system supports certain activities. Ask to see all of the Must haves from your MoSCoW list during the demo.

Look for a system that supports your workflow rather than drives it and ensure that it has the flexibility to grow with your business.

At CogniSoft, we have a built a powerful case management system capable of supporting multiple types of funding programmes in one system, alongside customisable data entry screens and the ability to report across any data item providing MI and KPI information.

Don’t forget about compliance!

A great case management system will be adaptable to suit your compliance checks. It should be able to notify the advisor and compliance team when part of the data needs eligibility checking. As well as having rules that can be created to prevent data entry mistakes.  CogniSoft’s YETI uses dashboards and Business Rules to enforce data quality and accuracy. This reduces the admin time needed to check data prior to submitting funding returns, and helps to ensure all information is accurate and complete.

Don’t forget about ongoing training and support

Every business will have a budget in mind before they implement a new management information system. But you need to keep in mind the available support. Understanding the new system will not happen overnight. At CogniSoft, we recommend training your trainers. This means that within your business you have a select number of individuals who are trained to use the software. They can then provide ongoing training and support to other advisors within the business, with the additional necessary support of the CogniSoft team.

Most Importantly Remember…

Quite often an operational team will enlist the help from the IT team to buy a system, then neither department take ownership for it. A system needs to be driven by your organisation in order to keep supporting it. The ownership for case management should reside with your operational teams as they are the ones who understand both the output requirements and the operational process it’s supporting.

If you want your advisors to believe in the system, it must be managed from the top down. The advisors are a key component in collecting the data needed to provide the best service and the evidence needed to secure future funding. However this will only happen if your most senior team are also bought into the system and drive its performance and use.  The message must be set from day one and it must have a clear owner.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our advice on choosing the best case management software for your business. If you would like any further advice on how to improve your work processes and data management, please get in touch.

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