ILR Onboarding: A game changer for your system


We Are Excited To Announce Our Upcoming ILR Onboarding Solution

In an era where every minute counts, optimising the customer onboarding process is critical. At CogniSoft, we recognise the significance of a seamless onboarding experience. We’re excited to introduce our cutting-edge solution, designed to transform how you onboard customers.

Elevating Your Onboarding Experience

Our paramount objective is to enrich your experience by ensuring that customer onboarding is as efficient as it can be. Here’s a comprehensive exploration of how our innovative solution can profoundly benefit your organisation:

1. Administrative Efficiency

This solution empowers learners to complete their own enquiry and enrolment records, freeing up valuable time for enrolment officers to focus on supporting learners. This translates to a substantial reduction in administrative tasks during sessions. Instead of grappling with paperwork, your team can focus on their core responsibility: guiding learners toward comprehensive enrolment in their chosen courses, whether they are related to Adult Education Budget (AEB) programs or Apprenticeships.

2. Precision in Data Input

With real-time input validation capabilities, errors associated with names, numbers, emails, and other crucial information become increasingly rare. Bid farewell to data entry errors, as our solution guarantees accuracy and precision in every input.

3. Seamlessly Managing Multiple Clients

Whether you’re at job fairs, exhibitions, or other high-traffic events, our system facilitates quick and seamless interactions with multiple clients. There’s no longer a need to juggle stacks of paperwork.

4. Augmented Learner Engagement

Our solution empowers learners to input their own data while enrolment officers concentrate on appointment actions and meaningful customer interactions. This results in more productive and engaging sessions for all parties involved.

5. Customer Satisfaction

By allowing enrolment officers to allocate more time to learners, our solution ensures the optimal utilization of available resources. The outcome is not just more productive sessions but also higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Get in Touch to Learn More

At CogniSoft we regularly update YETI with new functionality. If you would be interested in learning more about how our ILR Onboarding solution can benefit your business, or would like to hear about more features that will be added to YETI in the future, please get in touch with our team.


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