The importance of funding for employability post COVID-19

Funding is essential for providing programmes that deliver services to communities and those who need it most. To secure funding, service providers have to provide evidence that highlights what the programme benefits have been or how a programme has worked effectively.

The Community Renewal Fund 

In March 2021, the government published the UK Community Renewal Fund Prospectus in response to the impact that COVID-19 left on many communities in the UK. 100, urban, rural and coastal communities have been designated as priority areas to receive the funding across the UK. 

The £220 million funds intend to enable local communities to unleash their potential. The Community Renewal Fund – guidance for investment 3.1, states that the investment priorities are:

  • Supporting people back into employment
  • Providing opportunities to learn new skills
  • Investing in local businesses, communities and places. 

Although the fund will significantly benefit communities across the UK, an issue emerges when securing a bid. Applicants need to exhibit several requirements that align with the gateway criteria, including demonstrating the intended impact of the project and monitoring the progress against agreed milestones. 

How Case Management Systems can help 

Case management systems help service provides across all sectors, including charities, local authorities and not for profit organisations. Many of whom are providing training and employability schemes to support individuals back into work and help them sustain employment. 

Our case management software has enabled service providers to track the performance and progress of the individuals participating in their employability schemes, along with building a report to show the programme’s success.

The use of a case management system enables service providers to evidence their progress and their programme’s effectiveness, which in turn has led to a continuation in funding.  

How to apply for funding 

Any service provider has the ability to apply for the UK Community Renewal Fund here  

Find out how our case management system can support you by contacting us today.

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