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Our Guide to AEB (The Adult Education Budget)

The Adult Education Budget (AEB) is an ESFA funded scheme that can really make a difference to the careers and skillset of UK adults. Employers and employees alike can benefit from having better skills within their business and support their teams with advancing their careers. 

Who can apply for AEB funding?

Individuals aged 19+ can use AEB funding for a variety of qualifications. There is detailed information on the government website regarding the types of qualification and eligibility rules, but here is a simplified breakdown:

  • If your learner is between the age of 19-23, they will qualify for a level 2 or 3 qualifications if they don’t already have one.  
  • If your learner is over 24 and on a low income, they will qualify for their first level 2 or 3 qualifications.
  • If your learner is unemployed, the AEB can be used to fund any course or qualification up to level 2.  
  • If your learner’s first language is not English, they can use AEB to improve their language skills up to level 2.  

For further information on who is eligible to apply for the AEB, please view the government funding rules for 2021-22 here.

How can AEB benefit learners & employers?

AEB can be used to boost young adults digital skills, improve health & social awareness and be part of your learners Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Some qualifications your learners may consider can be:

  • Level 2 English & Maths Qualifications
  • Mental Health Awareness Courses
  • IT Courses
  • Data Analysis Courses
  • Workplace Violence Awareness Courses
  • Nutrition & Health Courses

How can employers access the AEB funds for their learners?

If you have checked that your learner is eligible to apply for AEB, you access AEB funding via your local training provider or Further Education College. 

CogniSoft YETI software will help you manage your AEB and other ESFA contracts. So, if you already have an ESFA contract or are in the process of bidding for one and would like to find out how we can help, please get in touch.

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