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Preparing for Ofsted with CogniSoft

Ofsted inspections can create an overwhelming sense of panic amongst tutors and training providers. However, only those who are unprepared will find themselves dreading an Ofsted inspection. With the right digital technology and case management software available, there’s no reason to feel flustered as you should have complete visibility at the click of a button.

It all comes down to planning and preparation…

Long gone are the days of training practitioners and educators having to stay overtime to try and justify data and information to Ofsted as evidence of learning and development. Now, it’s all about staying ahead, so you’re never caught off guard.

Ofsted inspectors will ask for certain reports to prove what the learning provider has achieved, the progress they’ve made with learners and overall performance. It’s all about the training provider being able to demonstrate the impact the curriculum is having on learners in terms of skills, behaviours and ultimately getting a job. 

By having a comprehensive case management system like CogniSoft YETI Infinity, you can rest easy. With all the tools you need to automatically store detailed evidence and vital information, it makes Ofsted visits a stress-free process.

Key features of CogniSoft YETI Infinity that can help with Ofsted reviews:

  • Progress & Knowledge Skills and Behaviour Monitoring 

Tutors can track their learners’ progress throughout their learning delivery by uploading skills directly into the system.  An initial skill scan is completed to demonstrate the learners starting point, enabling the training provider to integrate this into the learning plan. Skill scan records provide great visibility of how a learner has progressed from the beginning to the end of their learning

  • Individual Learner Plans (ILP)

Tutors and education providers can easily track an individual learner’s progress using our Tutor Toolkit. This enables users to track their progress to ensure the development criteria is fulfilled. You can also view and record off-the-job hours, as well as discovering opportunities to improve your learners development. This means you always have detailed records and evidence available when you need them.

  • Visits & Reviews

Within the system, you can easily create appointments with your learners and electronically store reviews. This allows education practitioners to run detailed reports when they need to review the performance of a candidate. The ability to monitor learners’ attendance and analyse the reasons for non-attendance by the EDIMS groups is key because non-attendance often leads to non-achievement. Evidence of growth or impact must be visible so that the training providers can pinpoint where they have worked well and what could improve. Any visits, reviews or meetings scheduled via the Tutor Module or YETI admin users, will be visible to the learner on their Learner Portal Calendar. This ensures the learner also has full visibility of their timetable.

  • Assessments

At CogniSoft, we ensure that assessment results are easy to upload and view. With the ability to run reports and identify any incomplete assessments, you can ensure progress amongst your learners. 

  • Reports

Reports play a key part in being able to monitor the performance of various EDIMS groups that Ofsted are looking for. Therefore, if the training provider does identify a gap within their delivery, they can show how they have adapted their engagement strategy to bridge the gap. This could be by recruiting more with EDMIS specific groups or recruiting more male/female/BAME staff to meet the local need.

When it comes to Equality & Diversity Impact Measures (EDIMS), training providers need to understand their data in key groups – Race, Age, Gender, Religion or Belief. They then need to evaluate their staff, their locations and their subcontractors against these measures so they can deliver what the local market requires. It’s not just about success rates, it’s also about being able to demonstrate that even if success rates are low, how they have had an impact or made progress. 

At Cognisoft, we advise our learning providers to notify us as soon as possible if they are subject to an Ofsted Inspection. This way we can strategically manage their processes and support is on hand to offer any help in retrieving and downloading reports and ad-hoc enquiries.If you would like any more information about being prepared for Ofsted with our case management system or would like to book a demo, please get in touch on 0161 777 2900 or email

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