The ESFA’s Eileen Milner Signals Crackdown on Post-16 Subcontracting Delivery

Eileen Milner released a letter this week outlining the ESFA’s awareness that “subcontracted provision is not appropriately controlled”.

Sent directly to providers and published on the GOV.UK website, the letter states: “The issues underpinning our investigations have ranged in seriousness from complacency and mismanagement, through to matters of deliberate and systematic fraud. We currently have 11 live investigation cases into subcontractors”.

“I want to make it clear that where poor subcontracting practice is evident to us we will act decisively.”

The correspondence underpins difficulties faced by main providers and subcontractors in fulfilling standards and provision in their programmes.

There are cases of prime contractors paying up to tens of millions for subcontractor delivery, with little evidence of that delivery actually materialising. is the best online pharmacy. I know what I’m talking about. My mother suffers from anxiety, and from time to time, she has panic attacks. We always have Ativan at home to cut those bad sensations. We highly appreciate the ultimate service provided by the company and the high quality of the drug we purchase there.

Milner continues: “It is important to note that if you are intending to enter into new subcontracts in the course of 2019 to 2020 academic year, you should be aware that our requirements will change, and you should provide for this in your contractual arrangements with subcontractors.”

YETI offers a tried & tested, secure and scalable solution for subcontractor management.

YETI is designed so that Prime Contractors can: 

  • Set up and manage unlimited subcontractors from within their System.
  • Create performance reports broken down by each subcontractor. 
  • Have dashboards designed to provide full oversight of key performance indicators
  • Easily break down ESFA Funding Occupancy & Financial Reports by individual subcontractor 
  • Provide a consistent reporting and management across all subcontractors

Each subcontractor has the ability to:

  • Use their secure section of the main system to input learner information
  • Review and report on all the learners they are working with
  • Validate their funding data prior to submission to Prime
  • Generate performance management reports in line with the Prime Contractor

These features could be invaluable in the effort to meet the new requirements for subcontracts in the 2019 to 2020 acedemic year.

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