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Why is Data so important?

So often we hear people telling us that they are not getting the information that they expected to from their case management software. However, this data is essential and can improve a business’s operational performance; not only from an advisor’s perspective but also improves the participants experience with your organisation.

There are a number of things that contribute to the success of a case management system; it must be driven from the top down with a clear understanding of why it is important from the outset which is communicated to every user of the system. If there is no real understanding of why the software is there and the benefits that can be gained from it, there will be reduced motivation from advisors or other team members to use it. The results of this will lead to inaccurate and unhelpful data and even potentially the inability to provide evidence required for funders.

By embracing and encouraging a data driven culture alongside the human touch, a great deal of value can be gained from the data produced.

The problem…

When a business implements a case management system, this requires a significant investment of time, funding, and resource to get it up and running. Therefore, once it is implemented, it is frustrating for many to discover it is either not being used to its full capability or not being used at all.

This results in many advisors or training providers developing their own filing system off system and keeping their own records, which others can’t either access or aren’t aware even exist and most importantly is not secure. By keeping all records in one secure place, a full picture is developed, and reporting can easily be collated.

By implementing the right case management system and ensuring it works easily for the end user utilising the software, you can have easily accessible information that the relevant people can have access to whenever it is needed. More importantly, the reports produced can be used to evidence the work carried out and the results achieved, enabling access to additional funding or contracts.

The results…

When data is recorded effectively and accurately the software can produce reports in a variety of different formats; dependant on the needs of the business, i.e., descriptive, predictive or evaluative. These will provide many benefits to the advisors using the software as it will be actionable data.  

Not only that, the participant benefits from accurate case management; the information provided enables for continuity of service, the ability for you as an organisation to analyse and look for predictive data to drive your services in the right way. Identifying concerns and targeting services to prevent participant disengagement or provide additional services.

Future contract bids are greatly enhanced by the ability to evidence your programme delivery. Outcomes all of which should be available to you from your system as a result of case management recording.

If you’d like to learn more about how a case management system can work for you, please get in touch and request a demo today. 

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