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We really need a new system but we can’t manage the up-front investment, can you help us?

CogniSoft have a range of packages available to make our solutions accessible to smaller organisations or even help bigger ones avoid any up-front costs. Our hosted service is the perfect way to pay small company prices for big company benefits as there is no up front licensing cost, no up front hardware cost, no hardware maintenance, no resources at all in fact! One annual fee for the number of users in your organisation and everything else is taken care of… including all your hardware & software support and all software upgrades. Simple.

Are your systems kept to be up-to-date and compliant?

We work closely with the relevant agencies to make sure we are informed of up-coming changes so we can maintain compliance within our normal development programme and it is one less thing for our customers to worry about.

Are your products fully web-based?

All our products are 100% web based… All you need to access them is a PC, laptop or tablet that has one of the main web browsers installed, and an internet connection.

Does your software integrate with other products?

CogniSoft’s systems have an API to support data sharing with other systems and sources of data. It can be used by customer web sites, business systems such as ePortfolio, back office systems or even something as simple as Excel.

What is your approach to information security?

All of CogniSoft’s services are ISO 27001 Security Certified so our approach to Information Security is documented and independently audited.

Do you offer Software as a Service?

Yes. Our hosted service offers lower up-front licensing and IT costs, and delivers very high levels of performance and security. The annual service fee includes all infrastructure, software, technical support and all software upgrades.

Can your systems adapt to the way we work?

Our systems are designed to be a flexible tool to help staff do their job more easily and more effectively. Much of our system is user defined and the use of custom ‘Business Logic’ means we’re confident that you can make your system work the way you want it to.

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