Case Study: Forming lifelong partnerships

Jane Bell is Head of Audit and Compliance at Blue Apple training, who are a specialist training provider delivering work skills training courses and recruitment support. Jane has used the CogniSoft YETI system since 1988 at various training providers across the sector. Over the years she has developed a great working relationship with the CogniSoft team.

When Jane joined Blue Apple, she was pleased to see that they were already using YETI for adult education.

Having used most of the other major learner management software providers, Jane describes YETI as the most user-friendly of the software she has used and says it has a logical flow which makes it easy to train users.

Jane goes on to say that she would recommend CogniSoft due to the speed at which they work and deal with issues. CogniSoft go in depth to investigate any queries and you are never left waiting for responses for long. The support team are always easy to get hold of and because CogniSoft understand how important data is, they have always responded quickly to any issues and dealt with them swiftly.

Emma Cook, Managing Director at CogniSoft reflects on CogniSoft’s relationship with Jane; “Jane has been a great customer to work with over the years; in the early days she was she instrumental in helping with the testing of new releases and has always been a great source of knowledge. Her willingness to help with advice, especially in those early days was very much appreciated.”

Emma goes on to add; “At one of her previous companies, Jane invited our new employees to visit her offices to see how the system was used in situ, explaining in detail how training providers work. We would send new support or development team members to spend a day with her as part of their CogniSoft induction.”

“This was invaluable to us at the time as it gave our teams an insight into the real issues that a provider experiences, plus an overview of how the software was used in its real life setting.”

“We now try to recruit our Support and Implementation team members from the sector where possible; we can teach them the software, but what Jane helped show us is that the empathy for the industry is such an important part of the success of our business.”

Emma concludes; “It’s lovely to see that Jane is still a great advocate for our software and we are so pleased that she continues to be a great customer at Blue Apple Training.”

YETI features:

  • In-built forms covering all major funding streams including DWP, ESFA, ESF and Big Lottery
  • Sector specific standard reports and validated funding claims
  • Dashboards for information sharing at a glance
  • Employer Engagement and CRM tracking interactions from all stakeholders
  • Managed access, limiting sensitive data to access from key personnel only
  • GDPR ready, with tools to help organisations meet data protection requirements and respond to data subject requests
  • Fully web-based and ISO 27001 Security Certified
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