Case Study: Landau

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Landau is a supported employment and education charity who assist people across the West Midlands helping them overcome barriers to employment by providing routes to employment, access to learning, social enterprise help and support for personal growth.

Formed in 1995, they currently lead on building better opportunities across Shropshire, Telford and Herefordshire. They also have a centre in Stoke supporting people with learning difficulties and have grown from ó million to £5 million turnover in the last 6 years.

CogniSoft provided their YETI case management system to Landau which, amongst other benefits, has enabled them to provide statistical evidence of their outcomes and management information for their funders.

“CogniSoft keep up to date with the rules and will often know about any changes before we do, most of the time they are already implemented in the system and the new features are in place before we even knew it was happening.”

The challenge

Landau had an inhouse database that they had to keep updated to deliver large contracts with a complex supply chain. This included ensuring the database was up to date with legislations, ESFA changes, and GDPR regulations.

The solution

CogniSoft’s YETI enables organisations such as Landau to manage large, complex contracts whilst incorporating the funding rules from various funding bodies such as Community Fund, ESFA and DWP. The system was configured to meet Landau’s contractual needs as well as supporting their complex supply chain. Partners are able to use the same system to record their caseloads and access reports on their own data whilst enabling Landau to have a ‘helicopter’ view of the programme as a whole.

Initially the system was purchased to meet the requirements of one large contract, however, over the subsequent years Landau won new contracts and existing smaller contracts grew, so the requirements of data capture became even more complex. YETI enabled Landau to hold multiple contracts in one database, meaning that reporting is done on one system and all of the service user records can be accessed easily regardless of what contract they may be on, but at the same time the records are segregated into separate areas of the system, only users that are allowed to see the record can access it, thereby complying with the requirements of GDPR.

The result

The use of CogniSoft’s YETI Case Management System has enabled Landau to be contract compliant and not worry about changes to funding rules. It has also given them the ability to deliver large, complex contracts with fewer staff, whilst giving transparency to supply chain partners and enabling them to focus on delivering their services.

CogniSoft have a wealth of experience in dealing with the various funding providers in the sector and understand the complex requirements, they were able to help Landau to understand some aspects of the requirements which were new to them. CogniSoft stay up-to-date with the information from Commissioners and keep abreast of funding requirements to enable them to apply funding changes into the application when necessary.

“With CogniSoft, it just works and when things do need implementing, CogniSoft always do this in a timely manner.”

Why the client chose CogniSoft

Landau chose CogniSoft due to the ease of set up and their use of real language that was not too techy. Back in 2017 when it was rare to have a web-based system, the option to access the system from anywhere via just a web browser was a huge benefit.

Landau also felt there was a mutual respect, and that they are listened to when there are problems, and everything they require from CogniSoft is swiftly dealt with.

“We would recommend CogniSoft to other organisations and we regularly provide a reference to potential clients about CogniSoft. They always seem to be expanding the functions of the system and looking at how it can be improved, taking on board feedback and keeping up with sector developments. The service desk function is very useful in communicating with a member of the CogniSoft team when required and the response time is quick. They are very good communicators and hold regular user group meetings, which often have representation from funders or similar, making them valuable networking meetings. This gives us the opportunity to not only feedback to CogniSoft, but also communicate with other organisations and funders. (Plus the buffet is always very good too!)

YETI features:

  • In-built forms covering all major funding streams including DWP, ESFA, ESF and Big Lottery
  • Sector specific standard reports and validated funding claims
  • Dashboards for information sharing at a glance
  • Employer Engagement and CRM tracking interactions from all stakeholders
  • Managed access, limiting sensitive data to access from key personnel only
  • GDPR ready, with tools to help organisations meet data protection requirements and respond to data subject requests
  • Fully web-based and ISO 27001 Security Certified

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