Case Study: YMCA Key College


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YMCA Key College is an Ofsted rated ‘Good’ College. The majority of their learners are aged between 16-19 but can range up to 24 in some instances.

The YMCA Key College ensures that suitable learning courses are available, matched with a supportive environment and passionate tutors.

Their strong connections with local businesses enables them to offer students relevant practical work experience and volunteer opportunities.

The challenge

YMCA Key College needed an efficient and reliable way to track and manage their ILR (Individual Learning Record) files.

The ILR files are uploaded to the ESFA which source their funding, therefore essential to the company, however, prior to the implementation of CogniSoft, YMCA Key College relied on a manual system that was prone to errors, delays and inconsistencies.

The solution

CogniSoft implemented their Learner Management system, YETI, ensuring that the YMCA College can accurately record learner details and submit their ILR claim straight to the ESFA, saving them both time and resources and helping to make the team more efficient.

Why choose CogniSoft

YMCA College are a small provider, but were keen to express that CogniSoft treat them exactly the same as their bigger clients.

Julia Hodder, Head of Training and Education for YMCA College stated that “CogniSoft take the time to recognise what your company does and what benefits they can offer, but without the pressure of adding any unnecessary extras.” This was really appreciated by YMCA College as they are a charity status organisation with limited funding.

YMCA’s experience with CogniSoft

YMCA praised CogniSoft for their professionalism, that they are a knowledgeable team and always happy to help when contacted. They reflect on their experience as ‘excellent’, CogniSoft understand how their queries affect the ILR fields, and are able to show YMCA college how to correctly use the CogniSoft interface. Julia went on to say that; “They are always easy to get hold of and there has never been a time where we have asked for help and not received it quickly.”

“We often attend the CogniSoft User Group meetings, in which they inform us on changes happening to the system based on the ESFA funding rule changes and how it will affect us, as well as any enhancements they are making to the system.”

YETI features:

  • In-built forms covering all major funding streams including DWP, ESFA, ESF and Big Lottery
  • Sector specific standard reports and validated funding claims
  • Dashboards for information sharing at a glance
  • Employer Engagement and CRM tracking interactions from all stakeholders
  • Managed access, limiting sensitive data to access from key personnel only
  • GDPR ready, with tools to help organisations meet data protection requirements and respond to data subject requests
  • Fully web-based and ISO 27001 Security Certified

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