Apprenticeship Portal

Stand out from the crowd and offer your employers more with a YETI apprenticeship portal.

Providing employer organisations direct access to data managed within YETI, portals support employer engagement and retention like never before.  Employers can add learners to the YETI system through the portal and review their progress through programme without creating additional workload for advisors.  Each of your employer organisations can have their own portal, branded with their logo to offer your organisation a competitive.

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Efficient invoicing

Financial information such as invoices can be uploaded to the portal for review by your employers, and payments made as required.

Information at a glance

Employers can review their learners’ progress through apprenticeship and other learning programmes aided by infographics and visualisations such as charts and graphs, which can be easily be reproduced for internal reporting and information sharing.

Live messaging

Secure messaging provides an audit trail for communication and enhances collaboration between employer organisations and YETI users for enhanced employer engagement.

Apprenticeship Service read

Data entered through an employer portal is synchronised with YETI and exportable through the main system in a format which is ready for immediate upload to the Apprenticeship Service.

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