PDF Manager

Large providers often find the admin burden created by high volumes of learners, candidates and customers difficult to manage.

The new PDF Manager module, available in both YETI and IO, saves time and reduces costs associated with data input from form completion, by allowing for digital completion and data transfer from PDF forms to customer or learner records hosted in the application.

The PDF Manager works with all devices and operating systems, so it is ideal for advisers working offline or with a variety of technologies, or candidates, learners or organisations who do not interact directly with the application.

Can YETI help you?

Simply create your form, map the fields to customer records in YETI or IO and send the forms for completion.  Once the form is returned the data is uploaded to the correct fields in the customer or learner record with one click.  All the data uploaded is then checked against the SFA, DFE and DWP business rules built into the application.

Speed up form filling

With high volumes of data collected by form completion and an increasing need to cut costs and drive efficiencies, PDF Manager offers easy import of data submitted by form, mapping data directly to the customer record and field required.  Talk to us about field mapping services.

PDF Manager imports data from PDFs stored in Dropbox, OneDrive, local files and all major email clients, enabling easy data upload from virtually any location.

IO and YETI also make sending forms easier than ever, as forms can be created and sent to learners or customers with fields already completed with known data.

PDF Manager benefits:

  • Improve accuracy of data capture
  • Encourage form completion by reducing the requirement from the customer
  • Reduce cost of mailing forms
  • Save time spent on data input

Any information regularly sent via PDF documents can be easily uploaded into YETI and IO.

Capture signatures electronically

If your form requires a signature, it’s easy to capture an electronic signature using PDF Manager, which can then be easily reproduced as evidence for audit.

Consent forms, or other declarations requiring a signature can be created, sent and the information stored within the application quickly and easily.

Talk to our expert advisors to find out more about PDF Manager.

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