CogniSoft providing case management for NCS contracts

CogniSoft NCS

Following the recent announcement of the much anticipated new NCS contracts by the ESFA, CogniSoft is delighted to be once again working with the majority of contract holders, with 4 of the 6 area-based contractors already awarded contracts using YETI software to manage the contract.  CogniSoft is currently working with the ESFA as a development lead to incorporate all of the changes required in the software this contract from the previous National Careers Service programme.

CogniSoft is a longstanding partner of National Careers Service contractors and well practised in handling the variations in these contracts. Product Specialist Matt Keith commented, “there are some major changes to this contract, with an entirely new data sharing architecture in place so all stakeholders have visibility of all customer data across the service. We will also be helping our clients who’ve delivered NCS contracts for a long time to adapt to a number of smaller changes in the application around funding and to make a smooth transition to the new service”

With the new contacts set to go live on 1 October, one of the biggest challenges faced by all those involved in NCS is the timescales. Our experience in this sector allows CogniSoft to project manage the changes effectively and anticipate the resource required to implement the many stages involved in deploying a new system for contracts of this scale.

Matt continues, “we’ve been working closely with the ESFA and as early adopters, are helping to work through some of the details in the specification. That’s an exciting position for us to be in and in part, has helped the project on both sides to be ahead of plan. There’s still some details to be worked through in the testing phase, but we’ve been through this before and are confident of hitting the go-live again this time around.”

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