NCS Go-live Successful!

National Careers Service

CogniSoft has again managed a successful deployment of new CRM systems supporting providers of the National Careers Service.

With only a two-month timeline from contracts being awarded, the new systems went live alongside the launch of the new service on 1st October and CogniSoft’s YETI system providing the integrated case management and claims system for four Area Based Contractors and the National Call Helpline.

The YETI system has been used for many years by a variety of NCS providers, and it was this foundation which allowed CogniSoft to adapt the system in a tight time frame launching a system which positively supported providers from day one.

In the months leading up to the launch, CogniSoft took a lead role in developing the system with the ESFA and jointly, worked through some of the data processes involved in the latest iteration of NCS contracts in a fast-moving, Agile project.

CogniSoft’s Sales Manager Chris Harrison commented, “Our experience in the sector and track record with NCS helped enormously in meeting the deadlines involved in these contracts and in delivering a system to our customers that was complete and intuitive from day one. We’re really pleased the new contracts have launched so smoothly for all our customers and clients they are working with.”

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