YubiKeys protect CogniSoft customers since 2008

CogniSoft has always placed data security at the heart of the service we offer customers, and are therefore delighted to mark the 10th anniversary of our association with Yubico, the company behind the YubiKey technology trusted by Google and many leading software providers.

Yubico’s innovative two factor authentication technology, and later public key cryptography, has now been used by CogniSoft for 10 years to prevent account takeovers and deliver on the company’s security and usability commitment to customers.

The YubiKey has been used extensively by Google in the same timeframe, where a two-year evaluation concluded FIDO U2F Security Keys delivered several significant benefits over one-time passwords, TLS certificates, smart cards and other authentication methods. These include increased security, increased productivity, reduced support needs and lower costs.

Strong two-factor authentication (2FA) has been shown to be the best defence against phishing and other forms of cyber-attack and is the basis for the Advanced Protection Program (GAPP) currently in development to provide protection to individuals at the highest risk of attack. CogniSoft became an early adopter of this technology after recognising its strengths for larger customers including Interserve, one of the UK’s largest providers of construction, equipment, facilities management and citizen services.

A leading provider of web-based employability software, CogniSoft has considerable expertise in cyber security, with Technical Director Tony Howarth holding National Cyber Security Centre certification.

Tony commented, “We’ve used YubiKeys since the technology was developed and to date, they are still the best method of avoiding account takeovers without compromising workflow in our customer organisations. We’re very proud of our association with Yubico and will continue to monitor the development of cyber security threats and the technology that best protects against these risks.”

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