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Apprenticeship Portal

Stand out from the crowd and offer your employers more with a YETI apprenticeship portal.

Providing employer organisations direct access to data managed within YETI, portals support employer engagement and retention like never before. Employers can add learners to the YETI system through the portal and review their progress through programme without creating additional workload for advisors. Each of your employer organisations can have their own portal, branded with their logo to offer your organisation a competitive.

Efficient Invoicing

Financial information such as invoices can be uploaded to the portal for review by your employers, and payments made as required.

Information At A Glance

Employers can review their learners’ progress through apprenticeship and other learning programmes aided by infographics and visualisations such as charts and graphs, which can be easily be reproduced for internal reporting and information sharing.

Live Messaging

Secure messaging provides an audit trail for communication and enhances collaboration between employer organisations and YETI users for enhanced employer engagement.

Apprenticeship Service

Data entered through an employer portal is synchronised with YETI and exportable through the main system in a format which is ready for immediate upload to the Apprenticeship Service.

Vacancy Matching

YETI’s Vacancy Matching tool enables users to match clients and vacancies on a range of criteria, based on occupational and area preferences.

This highly configurable and flexible tool allows teams either to match a candidate to a specific vacancy or search for suitable vacancies based on the customer’s skills and preferences.

YETI’s powerful employer enagagement facility ensures each customer’s submissions, interviews, offers and placements are logged in one unified workspace, providing a quick and simple information management process.

Two-Way Matching

The Vacancy Matching module supports two-way matching, so vacancy teams can either search YETI to match suitable candidates to a specific vacancy, or search for vacancies on behalf of a candidate, creating huge time efficiencies for advisors and simplifying the vacancy matching process. The candidate’s individual requirements, skills and preferences are recorded and used as the basis to match them to a vacancy.

Users can produce a longlist of suitable candidates when matching candidates to a vacancy, using filters to refine this further to identify a shortlist of the candidates best matched to the vacancy requirements. YETI can then automatically notify candidates listed on either the short or longlist, depending on user preferences, by SMS or email, sending details of the opportunity.

Available vacancies are visible to all users at a glance, with information displayed on the Dashboards. Employer Engagement teams can easily manage the submission process and review which stages the candidates are at simply by viewing the Dashboards.

Flexible, Personal Vacancy Matching

The YETI system is highly configurable, allowing clients to create fields that ensure consistent data capture of specific, key criteria. Using the ‘flags’ feature, users can quickly and easily identify matches to specific criteria, such as job readiness or holding a clean driving license, for example.

Get Signatures Quickly With CoSign

We've Worked With Skills And Employability Professionals For Long Enough To Know That The Large Volumes Of Signatures You Need To Record As Part Of Agreeing Contracts Is A Burden In Cost, Time And Admin.

CoSign helps by significantly speeding up the process of getting your documents signed. Signatories can be anywhere, using any device; all they need do is log in, sign and you're done!

Signatures are recorded securely for download or automatically update your YETI system.

How CoSign Works

  1. Create a document or generate a PDF from our application.
  2. Upload to CoSign or YETI / IO
  3. Give the private code to a person and invite them to sign the document
  4. Signatory signs document
  5. Download the document for safe keeping or automatically download to your CogniSoft application and attached to the relevant record

CoSign reduces the cost involved in getting documents signed through postal mail and makes the process possible in hours, not days.

Each signature is protected by digital encryption with a date stamp, evidencing the process and timescales for audit.

PDF Manager

Large Providers Often Find The Admin Burden Created By High Volumes Of Learners, Candidates And Customers Difficult To Manage.

The new PDF Manager module, available in both YETI and IO, saves time and reduces costs associated with data input from form completion, by allowing for digital completion and data transfer from PDF forms to customer or learner records hosted in the application.

The PDF Manager works with all devices and operating systems, so it is ideal for advisers working offline or with a variety of technologies, or candidates, learners or organisations who do not interact directly with the application.

Simply create your form, map the fields to customer records in YETI or IO and send the forms for completion. Once the form is returned the data is uploaded to the correct fields in the customer or learner record with one click. All the data uploaded is then checked against the SFA, DFE and DWP business rules built into the application.

Speed Up Form Filling

With high volumes of data collected by form completion and an increasing need to cut costs and drive efficiencies, PDF Manager offers easy import of data submitted by form, mapping data directly to the customer record and field required. Talk to us about field mapping services.

PDF Manager imports data from PDFs stored in Dropbox, OneDrive, local files and all major email clients, enabling easy data upload from virtually any location.

IO and YETI also make sending forms easier than ever, as forms can be created and sent to learners or customers with fields already completed with known data.

PDF Manager Benefits:

  • Improve accuracy of data capture
  • Encourage form completion by reducing the requirement from the customer
  • Reduce cost of mailing forms
  • Save time spent on data input

Any information regularly sent via PDF documents can be easily uploaded into YETI and IO.

Capture Signatures Electronically

If your form requires a signature, it’s easy to capture an electronic signature using PDF Manager, which can then be easily reproduced as evidence for audit.

Consent forms, or other declarations requiring a signature can be created, sent and the information stored within the application quickly and easily.

Employer Engagement

YETI enables providers to effectively manage employer engagement and build relationships, with CRM features tailored to the requirements of training providers and employability professionals.

Employer Engagement is a crucial aspect of managing relationships with all the stakeholders involved in the programmes you deliver. Record the entire process of programme delivery, documenting every interaction with each stakeholder and tracking information on one easy to use dashboard.

YETI offers the most complete suite of tools available today to manage Employer Engagement, and as a core system feature, Employer Engagement is included as standard in all YETI deployments.

Follow-Up Reminders

When used in combination with dashboards, YETI users can create reminders which will appear on their dashboard when due, prompting the advisor to take the appropriate action. Alerts can also be sent by email to remind advisors, whilst the dashboard provides instant access to the stakeholder’s record.

Whether the advisor needs to schedule a meeting, make a call, contact a stakeholder by email or undertake agreed actions, YETI’s ‘follow up’ reminders help ensure nothing is missed and interactions are timely, enhancing the relationship between provider and employer.

A Customisable System

Whatever your CRM requirements, YETI can be configured to exactly match your processes. Our in-house experts will guide you in configuring the system to exactly suit your needs, ensuring you get the best possible results from the system.

Benefits Of Employer Engagement:

  • Add attachments to records documenting interactions in a paperless environment
  • Note histories for each customer and interaction
  • Track opportunities
  • Create reminders for specific actions at appropriate times
  • Report on KPIs
  • Create graphs and charts to illustrate information
  • Categorise customers for effective data segmentation and targeting

Capture Communication

When used in conjunction with YETI’s integrated Communication module, emails and SMS messages can be sent to selected contacts and the content of the messages recorded within the stakeholder’s record, providing a single repository for all information in one system.

Communication Module

Streamline Communications With Learners And Contacts With YETI’s Communication Module.

Integrating with the leading SMS providers and email systems, YETI enables messages to be easily sent to your recipients, even to large groups, and automatically creates a visible log of sent messages and incoming replies to advisors.

Unified Communications

Create a professional impression with all of your outgoing communications sent from a single account; with the ability to add on HTML templates and then automate key messages such as appointment reminders, the Communication Module enhances communication with contacts and creates efficiencies for advisors.

Handling messages centrally through YETI also provides better continuity, all messages and replies route through YETI rather than individual email accounts, meaning staff absence doesn’t affect your service.

Timetabling And Session Attendance Module

Plan And Record Classroom Delivery With YETI’s Timetabling And Session Attendance Module; A Comprehensive Tool For Managing Course And Lesson Delivery.

Learners can be added to individual lessons or enrolled on courses, including all classroom sessions, on either a group or individual basis, speeding up enrolment and cutting down on associated administration costs.

YETI’s outcome wizard streamlines the admin around learner attendance and simplifies the entire recording process into a single screen. Users can view timetables on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to easily see planned deliver and aid effective scheduling.

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