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Dear Customer,

Over the last few days, the leadership team at CogniSoft have been discussing the developing Covid-19 situation and the potential impact on our service agreement with you.

Firstly, we must stress that at this moment in time, and until government guidance changes significantly, we are still in a state of ‘Business as Usual’.  

Covid-19 presents some additional challenges but It is important for you to understand that we already have a resilient operational model in place that covers for ‘worse case scenarios’, whilst ensuring the core services remain in place at all times. This is a requirement of our ISO27001 certification and we have been reviewing the plans in light of the current situation.

Whether the government guidance advises a travel ban, reduction in public gatherings or work from home policies we have the following mitigation plans in place:

  • Where remote working is appropriate, we are prepared to shift staff to ‘home-working’ at short notice.
  • All employees work from home capabilities have been assessed to ensure that this is possible. We regularly have employees working from home across all departments.
  • Our online support site (Response) will remain fully operational throughout support jobs to be raised through the site as usual. If you haven’t used Response in a while please ensure you can log in as this will help your own employees monitor their support jobs as part of your own continuity plans.
  • Communications with individual employee members and the wider customer base will be unaffected as we already use cloud-based mail servers and office suite.
  • We use web-based collaborative tools, so meetings, demonstrations and implementation can continue remotely.

We will be continuing to follow the government guidelines for this situation and will send out further emails for guidance as the situation progresses.

We hope this communication gives you the confidence and comfort that we are doing everything we can to make sure that the developing situation will not unduly affect the stability, security or integrity of your CogniSoft Systems.

If you have specific questions please feel free to forward these to

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