Employer Engagement

YETI enables providers to effectively manage employer engagement and build relationships, with CRM features tailored to the requirements of training providers and employability professionals.

Employer Engagement is a crucial aspect of managing relationships with all the stakeholders involved in the programmes you deliver. Record the entire process of programme delivery, documenting every interaction with each stakeholder and tracking information on one easy to use dashboard.

YETI offers the most complete suite of tools available today to manage Employer Engagement, and as a core system feature, Employer Engagement is included as standard in all YETI deployments.

Can YETI help you?

Follow-up reminders

When used in combination with dashboards, YETI users can create reminders which will appear on their dashboard when due, prompting the advisor to take the appropriate action. Alerts can also be sent by email to remind advisors, whilst the dashboard provides instant access to the stakeholder’s record.

Whether the advisor needs to schedule a meeting, make a call, contact a stakeholder by email or undertake agreed actions, YETI’s ‘follow up’ reminders help ensure nothing is missed and interactions are timely, enhancing the relationship between provider and employer.

A customisable system

Whatever your CRM requirements, YETI can be configured to exactly match your processes. Our in-house experts will guide you in configuring the system to exactly suit your needs, ensuring you get the best possible results from the system.

Benefits of employer engagement:

  • Add attachments to records documenting interactions in a paperless environment
  • Note histories for each customer and interaction
  • Track opportunities
  • Create reminders for specific actions at appropriate times
  • Report on KPIs
  • Create graphs and charts to illustrate information
  • Categorise customers for effective data segmentation and targeting

Capture communication

When used in conjunction with YETI’s integrated Communication module, emails and SMS messages can be sent to selected contacts and the content of the messages recorded within the stakeholder’s record, providing a single repository for all information in one system.

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