Standard suite of reports

CogniSoft provides and maintains a built-in standard suite of reports with each YETI and IO system to handle core data analysis supporting MI staff.

Built-in reporting is supported by comprehensive, customisable business logic to control the quality of your data as it is entered, resulting in accurate management information and return on investment.

Key data submissions are covered by the standard suite of reports to help customers manage the data associated with their contracts and exports.

ESFA Standard Suite of Reports

The MI Suite includes the following reports:

SFA Funding Calc Reports (PFR)
SFA Funding Reconciliation (PFR Reconciliation)
Qualification Achievement Rates (QAR)
QAR Reconciliation
SFA Funding Profiles
ESFA Apprenticeship Monthy Funding
ESFA Apprenticeship Monthly Funding Reconciliation
Learner statement by employer
Employer statement
Employer Apprenticeship Invoice
Apprenticeship Data Match
ESFA Co Funding
ESFA Co Funding Reconciliation

DfE Standard Suite of Reports

The MI Suite includes the following reports:
Activities Academic Age
Activities Age
Activities Currency Expired
Activities Ethnicity
Activities Gender
Activities Support
Activities Type
Activities Type 16-19
Compulsory Education Activities
Intended Destination Yr11
Year 11 Guarantee Status
Year 12 Guarantee Status
Custom reporting

Whilst the majority of information on compliance and performance tracking will be handled by the built-in MI suite, users have the ability to generate their own custom reports on all data that is stored in the database.  CogniSoft train on our data structure and on the SSRS reporting tool.

SSRS is one of the world’s most widely used reporting tools and as part of the Microsoft SQL suite that our database uses, is the most appropriate reporting tool for the YETI system.  SSRS is trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations to produce accurate management information supporting KPI tracking and performance monitoring.

CogniSoft courses are designed to ensure you can get the information you need out of our systems and will support performance and KPI reporting, allowing you to provide tailored reporting for compliance, performance and operation management across all areas of the programme.

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