Vacancy Matching

YETI’s Vacancy Matching tool enables users to match clients and vacancies on a range of criteria, based on occupational and area preferences.

This highly configurable and flexible tool allows teams either to match a candidate to a specific vacancy or search for suitable vacancies based on the customer’s skills and preferences.

YETI’s powerful employer enagagement facility ensures each customer’s submissions, interviews, offers and placements are logged in one unified workspace, providing a quick and simple information management process.

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Two-way matching

The Vacancy Matching module supports two-way matching, so vacancy teams can either search YETI to match suitable candidates to a specific vacancy, or search for vacancies on behalf of a candidate, creating huge time efficiencies for advisors and simplifying the vacancy matching process.  The candidate’s individual requirements, skills and preferences are recorded and used as the basis to match them to a vacancy.

Users can produce a longlist of suitable candidates when matching candidates to a vacancy, using filters to refine this further to identify a shortlist of the candidates best matched to the vacancy requirements.  YETI can then automatically notify candidates listed on either the short or longlist, depending on user preferences, by SMS or email, sending details of the opportunity.

Available vacancies are visible to all users at a glance, with information displayed on the Dashboards. Employer Engagement teams can easily manage the submission process and review which stages the candidates are at simply by viewing the Dashboards.

Flexible, personal vacancy matching

The YETI system is highly configurable, allowing clients to create fields that ensure consistent data capture of specific, key criteria.  Using the ‘flags’ feature, users can quickly and easily identify matches to specific criteria, such as job readiness or holding a clean driving license, for example.

Integration with Univsersal Jobmatch

YETI Vacancy Matching is further enhanced by integration with Universal Jobmatch, allowing users to search, manage and update vacancies hosted by UJM within YETI.  Users can ‘watch’ job descriptions and benefit from automatic alerts when new opportunities matching the description are created within UJM.  Changes to vacancies hosted in UJM and downloaded to YETI are automatically updated, ensuring the information users work with is current.

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