Communications Manager

Along with our upcoming Tutor Module, we’re pleased to announce an update and expansion of our existing communications solution.

Communications Manager succeeds the Comms Module, expanding its features and capabilities with a suite of new tools to help simplify your provision and automate communication with your learners and clients.

Chief among the improvements are the ability to create HTML templates within the app and to send and recieve direct messages to and from social media platforms.

Below is the rundown of the new features with Communications Manager:

Communications OptionsComms ModuleComms Manager
Send SMS and email directly to recipients
Receive SMS and email back from recipients
Shows a visible log of sent messages
Creates a visible log of received messages
Auto attaches sent and received messages against recipients record
Dashboards to manage incoming and outgoing messages
Sent email to groups of recipients
Add HTML templates
Tracking of individual message status against a recipient
Direct message recipients via MS, RCS, Twitter and Email 
Auto attaches direct messages from Social Media Platforms, against recipient record (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) 
Message Tracking Status by campaign (incl. processed, sent, tracked, read, failed and unsubscribed)
Create HTML templates
Create automated emails / SMS 
Unsubscribe facility for recipient
Improved integration with other systems (RESTful API)

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